Dear friends, it is time to come out of your caves and create with us. Art has through history often been an act of reclaiming in itself. Come and explore with us how Parisian graffiti artists reclaimed the history of Magasins Généreux, get inspired and start spraying yourself. Art is an expression that does not necessarily have to fall within the boundaries of what we know or how we ought to be.

Therefore it may to some appear as completely useless, but on the other hand plays with what makes us human, and can be fun. Share what you have created in quarantine or experience the fun yourself in an online pictionary game with an ACP-twist. Not in the mood to create yourself but rather experience expression in the moment? Call our Poetry Emergency Line for some words or short stories. Whatever you feel like. In today’s room there are no rules and anything goes.

- Reclaim EUC

Events on thursday


Thursday 16 April (all day) Hey people! Welcome to the doodling page. On this page you will be challenged to reclaim the abstract content which

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Graff with us

Thursday 16 April (all day) Street art and graffiti culture has no doubt always been about reclaiming. The story of the Parisian graffers of Magasins

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Thursday 16 April (20:00) Pictionary for adults! Have you ever tried to draw appropriation? Would you recognize Anarchy if it was drawn? Tonight we play

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