Nicaraguan music is a mixture of indigenous and European, especially Spanish, influences. The most used musical influences are the marimba, which some say were brought to the Americas by African slaves while other say that there is proof that Mayans used it before colonization.  The… Read More »Nicaragua


Paraguay, like most colonized countries, lost the indigenous rhythms, songs and instruments during colonization. Therefore, now a day’s Paraguayan music is strictly a hybrid between European styles with a bit of Guaraní (the indigenous people from Paraguay) influence.  Paraguayan songs tend to be sung in… Read More »Paraguay


Peruvian music has evolved throughout history. From the beginnings of civilization in the country (circa 5000 BC), to the Tahuantinsuyo Empire and the colonization of the country, music has been shaped by different elements, such as the geography that accompanied societies and the different waves… Read More »Peru

The urban music of Brazil

When people think of Brazil, it is usually soccer and carnival that comes to mind. Maybe Samba and Bossa nova, for the connoisseur or 70’s hippie (e.g. my parents). However, Brazil is a country with one of the most elaborate musical traditions in the world… Read More »The urban music of Brazil

From Ska to Reggae: A Darker Turn

Where ska embraced the celebratory, happy side of Jamaican culture, reggae expressed something quite different. It expressed the sounds and pressures of ghetto life, especially in Jamaica’s capital, Kingston. The chunking sound of the guitar, that characterises reggae, is called Skengay. This represents the gunshots… Read More »From Ska to Reggae: A Darker Turn

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When “Waka Waka” from Shakira came out, I was ten. I heard the song several times a day; it was on the radio, on the television, and we danced on it with my friends. All the time.  One day, my uncle showed me another video… Read More »RECLAIM Copyright

Balkan Music

The Balkan is a region mostly known for the war in the 90’s and political instability afterwards. What less people know, however, is that it is a region rich of cultural and natural heritage. Not only does it have the last natural river of Europe… Read More »Balkan Music