Q&A student foundation Maldives

Wednesday 15 April (19:00-20:00)

Join in on a special interview and live Q&A (19:00-20:00) with one of the board members of The Resilient Island Foundation (RIF). Learn more about their project and what it's like to start an organization as students!

- Reclaim EUC

RIF is a student-initiated foundation currently working on the Maldives Matter Project. Their motto is: “Towards a clean, fruitful and sustainable future for isolated island states. We aim to implement circular economies regarding food and waste streams in the world’s most isolated regions: the Small Island Developing States. By realizing local and sustainable food production, generating renewable energy, creating circular food and waste streams, up-cycling materials, conducting a knowledge transfer and enhancing the local economy by providing jobs, we try to bring more independency towards these Island States.” Find out more about RIF.

UPDATE – You can now watch back the Q&A:

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