Graff with us

Thursday 16 April (all day)

Street art and graffiti culture has no doubt always been about reclaiming. The story of the Parisian graffers of Magasins Généreux is no different. After the building closed its doors in 2000, street artists of Paris formed the new owners by covering the building completely in their paint, turning it into one of the holy grails of street art culture in Paris. Inherent to street art is its temporal nature, and after seven years new owners took over. But, only after the whole building was visually documented to go down in history. Now, the epoch of Magasins Généreux as a space of creativity can still be revisited on Take a look and roam through the building, read their stories and next to viewing the art, create your own.

- Reclaim EUC

Street art culture is never static but ever-moving, even online. For now, reclaiming the physical space is hard, but to prepare you for different times we invite you to come create online with us and have an oppurtunity to win the essential tools to start creating outside once we can question the psysical space again. 


  1. Go to
  2. Click on Graff
  3. Navigate yourself through the building and choose a spot
  4. Create your tag or piece of art with the tools presented (tip: the roller is more convenient than it looks). 
  5. Save your artwork and email [email protected] (before 28 April)
  6. WIN a 6-pack of MTN’s new water based (environmental friendly) spray painters to equip yourself once the streets are ours again. 

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