Film: Radio Voorwaarts

TUESDAY 14 April (screening: 19:30)

Radio Voorwaarts

Radio Voorwaarts takes place on the eve of the eviction of an alternative community, home to a pirate radio station. We follow a single night in the life of an ensemble of misfits – artists, squatters, idealists and ravers – who gather one last time to simultaneously mourn and celebrate the end of their beloved space.

Aside from a film, Radio Voorwaarts evolved into a collective and platform through which to showcase different kinds of art and music, while keeping its particular focus on rave and squatting culture, emphasizing their importance as contemporary forms of protest, and not just historical curiosities.

- Yannesh Meijman

This film will be screened once through zoom at 19.30 followed by Q&A discussion led by director Mateo Vega and producer Yannesh Meijman. They are both alumni from Amsterdam University College, graduating in 2017.

How to participate?

    1. Download Zoom
    2. Open the video call.
    3. Allow video and audio sharing
    4. Wait in the waiting room until the host starts the meeting

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