Climate crisis & corona debate

Wednesday 15 April (15:00-17:00)

In collaboration with the Debating Co. we will host a discussion on how the COVID-19 crisis influences the climate crisis now and in the future: will it change our sense of responsibility? Or how it’s dealt with politically? What is eco-fascism and what are the dangers? If you are interested in joining the debate, please sign up with your name and e-mail so that a zoom-link can be sent to you. There are only 8 spots available so be quick!

UPDATE – You can now watch back the debate:

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2 thoughts on “Climate crisis & corona debate”

    1. Hi Bastiaan!

      We are aware of the data and privacy concerns associated with the use of Zoom. In the end, we decided to opt for Zoom for the sake of consistency with the practices of our home university. We hope to provide recordings of some of our events once the festival is over so that people who do not wish to use Zoom or cannot join due to time clashes can engage with our content.


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