Cinema Room: Golden Time / The House of Small Cubes

TUESDAY 14 April (11:30-15:00)

During this event “Golden Time” and “The House of Small Cubes” will be screened. These are two short animation films which explore different ways in which we can reclaim the world around us. The latter delves into reclaiming our past after the consequences of sea level rise while the former delves into reclaiming our future once something which seems to have fulfilled its purpose finds new meaning.

- Reclaim EUC

This event will provide a cinema-like feel for anyone to enter or leave at any hour between 12.00 and 16.00. Ten minutes before the event starts we will publish the link on & which you can access at any time for the following four hours. You can join and leave the platform at any time, as well as ask and answer any question in the chat function. We only ask you to please NOT press the video functions nor use the microphone function in order to not disrupt the viewing of other who joined before you. The videos will be on continuous loop and we ask you to kindly wait till film restarts if you enter halfway through one of the two films.

IMPORTANT: The room is OPEN! If the film does not play when you enter, please send a message in the chat function inside the Cinema Room. 
Please DO NOT press video functions yourself as this will ruin the experience of others. Send a message in the chat function if you experience any difficulties.

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