Nicaraguan music is a mixture of indigenous and European, especially Spanish, influences. The most used musical influences are the marimba, which some say were brought to the Americas by African slaves while other say that there is proof that Mayans used it before colonization. 

The Caribbean Coast

Mayo Ya: cultura de nuestros ancestros

In the Caribbean coast, the palo de mayo is the music and dance that represents Caribbean Nicaraguan heritage the most. Punta, another popular music and dance, is mostly celebrated by the Garífuna people who migrated to Central America during the colonial times from St. Vicent. Punta, although popular, is mostly associated to Nicaragua’s neighbor, Honduras, since the Garífuna population in Nicaragua is small. 

FUN FACT: Sopa de Caracol is a famous song danced throughout the country. It reminds everyone of the Caribbean heritage that Nicaragua has. 

Son Nica

Son Nica is a music genre that is considered as one of the most representatives of Nicaragua. It is defined as the opposite of the waltz’ rhythm. It uses only exclusively major chords, making Son Nica a distinguished genre among the Latin American rhythms.  

The best well known song is Nicaragua Mía

Música de Nicaragua | Cono la música de Nicargua

FUN FACT! The super-mega-famous singer, Luis Enrique, is actually Nicaraguan! He’s known for the song of Yo No Sé Mañana