Reclaim festival

Erasmus University college

starting the 14TH of APRIL


Exhibition room

Thursday 16 April (all day) This is a room dedicated to all artists. This room offers space to exhibit your artwork, whichever form it might

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Thursday 16 April (20:00) Pictionary for adults! Have you ever tried to draw appropriation? Would you recognize Anarchy if it was drawn? Tonight we play

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Film: Out & About

TUESDAY 14 April (screenings: 16:00) “This documentary dives into the world of family members of LGBT’s in countries where being gay is illegal, or where

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The Arts & Culture Programme welcomes everyone to take part in a 4-day festival of reclaiming student life, quarantine, and our collective digital footprint. 

This platform empowers you to take part in forming the rules and the aesthetics of a place where we interact on a daily basis but usually do not get to directly dictate what these interactions look like. Be it EUC, Rotterdam, or the internet.

Take ownership! Question! Debate! Create!